What is the Value of Big Data to the Supply Chain?

Monitoring, analyzing, and alerting on live streaming “big data” enables supply chain decision makers to identify cost savings and buffer stock reduction opportunities; predict and avoid disruptive risks that threaten on-time arrivals; and achieve heightened competitive advantage by increasing their window of opportunity to commit to orders. Leading companies leverage platforms that can connect to and live stream the massive data inputs required to support those value drivers. Built with intelligent, contextual business rules that cut through the noise, enables revenue opportunities by augmenting decision makers with the continuous intelligence that they need to delight customers and drive profits. 


What can Live Streamed Big Data Deliver?

  • Highly accurate arrival time predictions days and weeks before shipment arrival, enabling greater accuracy and increased customer satisfaction
  • Global real-time shipment tracking, with continually streamed location and status updates
  • Alerting on live and forecasted risks external to your supply chain
  • Continuous intelligence to the far edges of your business ecosystem
  • Predictive analytics and prescriptive options to orchestrate your supply chain
  • A single pane of glass to connect the silos within your enterprise