A Platform with a Purpose

CDI™ is a modern platform built around the concept of live streaming big data and producing predictive insights. Industry specific challenges are rapidly becoming 20th century phenomena and are being replaced by universal data challenges. With an extensible micro-services architecture, it can be built upon and extended in many ways - from usage in National Security, to Manufacturing, to Pharmaceuticals, to Retail, etc. The CDI™ platform can be applied to any industry because it solves for the universal data challenges while being rapidly configurable and extensible for your specific needs. 


CDI™ Powers the Digital Transformation of your Supply Chain

  • Bridge the gap between your planning and execution functions
  • Clean, normalize, fuse, and enrich all of your data streams in real-time
  • Learn the true behavior of your supply chain in order to automate the routine and manage by exception
  • Orchestrate your supply chain through a single source of truth with your partners