Visibility is the beginning. Understanding Behavior provides great value.

Visibility is just a starting point to understanding behavior. It's nice to see a dot moving across a map, but what value is that dot generating? Do you know precisely when it's going to arrive at the port, border, or the customer? Understanding the behavior of your lanes and nodes and knowing what's normal and what's the exception is the key to automating the routine and getting a firm grasp on the lead times, cycle times and variability at all pulse points in your network. Knowing the behavior of your end-to-end network creates value through the ability to accurately schedule labor and manufacturing resources, reducing buffer stocks, and realizing revenue opportunities as they occur in real-time.

Creating value in your supply chain is a journey - TransVoyant's CDI™ Platform enables each step of that journey

  • Enable global, real-time visibility to all your inventory in motion and at rest.
  • Understand the past, present, and future behavior of your global end-to-end network from supplier to your customer's door.
  • Use complex, context aware, role specific alerts and event management to automate the routine and proactively manage by exception.