Combining Visibility with an understanding of Behavior leads to Predictive Insights which enable Prescriptive Actions

Predictive Insights are leveraged throughout every portion of your supply chain on a continual basis to provide insight around precise times of arrival, accurate lead times, and reduced variability. Continual understanding of your network and how the ecosystem that surrounds it behaves generates prescriptive recommendations.  These recommendations can be used to provide continuous optimization of your transportation network as the digital supply chain has been watching all potential routes and intimately understands the behavior of them as well as the external factors that influence the behavior of a lane or conveyance.

TransVoyant's CDI™ Platform augments your teams to enable optimized decisions based on past, present, and future behavior

  • Leverage predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations to select the right routes and carriers and reduce overall costs
  • Match dynamic demand to dynamic supply, responding to changes in consumer sentiment and/or manufacturing capacity in a predictive, prescriptive fashion to generate new revenue
  • Optimize your human capital and set your organization on the path to automating the routine, allowing the humans in the loop to focus on high value, strategic activities