Off the Shelf software isn't adaptable, and built in house has huge risks

There are dozens of software solutions for the supply chain that range from point solutions like tracking shipments in North America, to end to end solutions that are meant to orchestrate an entire supply chain. Both ends of the buy spectrum have their issues - a series of tactical point solutions needs to be daisy chained together, while the end to end strategic solutions often require an army of consultants and professional services to maintain. 

On the strategic solution side, building in house can be an attractive alternative, but has many dangers. Developing and retaining the talent required to both engineer from scratch and then maintain a solution tends to be a multi-year journey with keeping it all on schedule being a project unto itself. 


TransVoyant's Continuous Decision Intelligence™ platform bridges the Build vs Buy

  • TransVoyant provides an off the shelf platform that can connect to every discrete element of your supply chain, is configurable to your enterprise, and uses a robust API and micro-services architecture - meaning your own teams can extend it and build upon it.
  • CDI™ has 8+ years of data that it has learned from and is capable of ingesting your unique inputs in real-time, providing precise, predictive analysis and augmented decision support for your enterprise.
  • TransVoyant or not, as you embark on your digital transformation, we recommend to start small - focus on a few strategic lanes, nodes, facilities or SKUs, learn their behavior, giving your data science and IT teams the first hand experience they need to launch the journey.