Risk is omnipresent and never solved 100%. But it can be accounted for and mitigated.

Effective, revenue saving risk mitigation strategies are focused on preventing disruptions to your business. They don't look backwards to review compliance. While inspecting supplier facilities is an example superb tactic to keep your suppliers honest, understanding the behavior of flow to and from those suppliers gives actionable insight into potential disruptions to your network.

Mitigating risk from your suppliers is impossible without starting at visibility. Starting with knowing where your upstream suppliers are located allows a digital supply chain to start understanding the risk behaviors around the physical location, giving you the insight needed to predict disruptions to operations before they happen.

TransVoyant's Continuous Decision Intelligence™ platform understands risk factors and their impact to your network in real-time.

  • Traditional supplier risk mitigation strategies tend to be more on the side of "checking boxes" to ensure that the supplier is complying with laws, regulations, and overall - backwards looking compliance.
  • Risk factors are constantly changing in real-time, by the second; TransVoyant's CDI™ platform is capable of understanding the impacts to your network in real-time and alerting you when action is required.
  • Understanding the continuous behavior of your supplier network gives insight into their reliability and can help predict disruptions before they impact your operations.