Most definitions of Supply Chain Control Towers stop at "dots on a map", falling short on enabling supply chain orchestration. 

Control Towers currently sit in the arena of buzzy, marketing driven aspirations as opposed to well defined, value driving platforms. While visibility as a point solution into the movement of your goods is important, having a platform that aids in orchestrating your supply chain is where value is unlocked. A true digital Control Tower provides visibility and control to all of your supply chain, providing understanding to the behavior of your network while using sophisticated, context aware business rules to cut through the noise and identify action items within your supply chain.

TransVoyant's Continuous Decision Intelligence™ platform starts with Visibility to orchestrate the Supply Chain

  • Visibility is the starting point with CDI™. Visibility into all of your goods in motion and at rest, across all modes of transit and inside all nodes of your network.
  • Building on visibility is the real-time behavior and understanding of your network and it's pulse to power predictive analytics and prescriptive actions.
  • With the ability to see your network and understand it's behavior, CDI™ gives you the insights and confidence to precisely and predictively capture revenue opportunities in and around your enterprise.