ERPs can be over a decade in implementation. Your supply chain can't wait that long.

Anytime you bring a project proposal before your boss, procurement, or CFO, the first set of questions is almost always, "How much, and how long until we see value?" Everyone knows that any project that affects your entire supply chain from end-to-end is looking at a decade long ERP style implementation. It must take that long, right? In the 90's or 00's, probably. Now though? Now with native cloud based platforms, flexible APIs, and advanced machine learning driven logic, time to value is compressed to a matter of months for digital supply chains. Led by strategies of focusing on revenue based outcomes and by attacking problems with a flexible platform, visionary enterprises are realizing value from there digital investments in time frames that used to be fantastical.


Rapid time to value is the hallmark of TransVoyant's CDI™ platform.

  • A cloud native, live streaming supply chain analytics platform, with a robust API, CDI™ is purpose built to deliver real value, with a break even point achieved within the first year of implementation.
  • Data inputs and connections from your systems are built once, then leveraged across the platform - breaking down the data silos within your own enterprise, and continually cleaning and healing the data across your supply chain.
  • With a robust, flexible API and micro-services architecture, the platform can be extended to your needs - no more square pegs in round holes.