Being able to understand real-time behavior enables dynamic planning

"No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy." Every planner knows this all too well. Planning parameters and volumes implemented in ERP systems are likely out of date before they are even entered. Real world conditions are constantly changing; hence variability assumptions can be as much as you lead time or cycle time. Being able to ingest, understand, and act of upon real world conditions and behavior in a dynamic fashion enables continuously optimizing planning outcomes that are a crucial element of the digital supply chain.

Leveraging TransVoyant's CDI™ platform leads to an understanding the dynamic behavior of your Lead Times, Throughput and Variability. This understanding can unlock:

  • Reduced inventory in-transit and across all your nodes.
  • Improved Customer Services Level and OTIF.
  • Optimized labor execution that responds to real-time conditions instead of preset plans.
  • Capability to truly understand the performance of your carriers and trading partners.