Port disruptions are a significant cause of supply chain inefficiencies and disruptions every year, leading to revenue losses, dissatisfied customers, stock outs, uncertainty and higher costs…

Some of the biggest drivers of higher cost are related to expedited shipping, demurrage and detention fees. The dollars at stake are significant. Congestion-related delays cost U.S. shippers an estimated $7 billion in 2014.

There are a number of contributing factors that inhibit the ability of shippers, carriers, 3PLs and beneficial cargo owners to have clear visibility into the flow of the $900 billion per year in shipments through U.S. ports.

Understanding the behavior of ports is key to avoiding unexpected fees, penalties, and unhappy customers. Luckily, modern platforms such as TransVoyant's CDI™ can ingest and and understand the live behavior of ports, allowing you to proactively reduce risk as your inventory passes through ports.