But Don't I Need to See Where My Stuff Is?

There it was a day ago, but where is it now? Where will it be in two days? What is the value of a dot on the map if you can't understand the context around the dot or predict the future state of the dot with precision? If there's a disruption to the dot's journey, how do you understand the impact or decide what to do? What's product, for what customer is in the dot? Latent visibility pings provide no actionable value or understanding. Being able to live stream data means that you can precisely derive times of arrival and predictively manage disruptions to your supply chain instead of reacting to angry customers.

With the rise of the internet of things (IoT), digital supply chain solutions are now providing real-time IoT-based vs. latent EDI-based visibility. In this paper, learn:

  • How supply chain visibility has become the shadow of a much greater value driver.

  • How it’s far more valuable to accurately predict when a shipment will reach its destination.

  • How to understand current and predicted lead-time and throughput variability and use this understanding to effectively match dynamic supply to dynamic demand.